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  • Flatten Curled Paper Before Printing

    If you get ink on the corners or edges of paper during printing, it may be caused by the print head scuffing on the paper curl.

    Coated paper naturally curls towards the print side, which can cause the print head to rub on the curled edge of a paper as it moves back and forth during printing and leave some ink behind, which usually looks annoying but the printer continues printing. This can actually scratch the bottom of the head if itís a good hit or happens several times- a scratched print head can cause un-fixable banding, clogging and other serious problems with your printer. To avoid damaging the print head and ruining prints, we recommend using a piece of typing or interleave paper over the coated side of paper (to protect the print side), then gently back bend the curled edges and corners so the paper is as flat as possible before loading the sheet into the printer. This will help keep your print head in good condition and prints looking beautiful.
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    1. Elliot's Avatar
      Elliot -
      Thanks. Works perfectly.
    1. Dana-IJM's Avatar
      Dana-IJM -
      Excellent- glad to hear
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