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Thread: Vertical Lines Showing up in 4880

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    Vertical Lines Showing up in 4880

    Hi There,

    I have had a 4880 for years now and until very recently did not use the printer a lot.
    We have now been putting the printer through its paces and have been using it for production of album spreads.
    I have noticed that the flushing box assembly and the pump cap assembly have gotten pretty dirty. I do clean periodically with Piezo Flush to keep them maintained.
    Two questions when is it time or when can you know to replace these 2 items?

    Secondly I started to get vertical banding in my prints. In the past I normally perform a head alignment once or twice and then I am good to go. Not so. I keep on getting the vertical banding returning after doing the alignment and then maybe printing one spread.




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    First question: Every 3 years if the unit is regularly cleaned (but I suggest buying a backup now just in case).

    Second question: This could be a few different things, but did you do a manual head alignment? The sensor on the head carriage that measures for the auto-head alignment gets dirty over time.


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    How do I do a manual alignment?

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    On the printer's control panel under >Head Alignment you should see a "manual all" selection.


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    Thanks walker and then just follow the instructions or anything else I need to know?

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    I think you're all set!

    Let me know how the head align goes.


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    HI Walker

    That worked like a charm!....For six or so 25" prints and then the lines come back. Never had this happen to me before. Usually the Auto head adjustments do the trick. I did the manual and for a bit it was fine then it comes back. Any thoughts?

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    I tried cleaning and then turning off HS and that seemed to help a bit.

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    Update - went to do another Auto Head Alignment and got this message: "Auto Adjustment Error - Change Paper Type"

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    Two suggestions:

    1. Always print UniDirectional (it's slow but dependable).
    2. Do a manual UniD head alignment.

    This should fix it permanently. If not, then you have a problem with your encoder strip sensor on the print head carriage.


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