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Thread: My 9900 suddentlystarted printing bands, refilled but Refill cart is not recognised..

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    Unhappy My 9900 suddentlystarted printing bands, refilled but Refill cart is not recognised..

    I shifted to Cone inks about 16 months back.
    Not much of color printing, but use it to print large format Positives for my large format graphic auto Screen printer.

    Cone color was working well till now.
    A week back it suddenly started printing bands(Photo attached). Tried our level best, no avail.
    Next day it started showing Error 1537 which is Cart pressurization problem.
    Couldnt locate source of problem, called Epson technician. He said pressure problem, Left Cart Chamber may be replaced.
    I researched and found online article "http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/showthread.php?401-Error-1537" of Dana of IJM.
    With Epson man's help located the faulty cart yellow.

    Have no spare IJM yellow cart, bought Epson 350 ml Yellow cart, still problem is not solved.

    NOW,9900 is not recognising Refilled IJM carts. ( My employee filled few of near-empty carts with Cone inks, but installed them without resetting them with the Chip Resetter.
    I tried to reset with my Chip Re-setter, but it is not being resetted... (I think the Resetter is faulty with 2 pins sank inside (Photo).

    Long story short, 9900 still says 'Insufficient ink to perform Head-cleaning'....

    I doubt it is dangerous to the Head, leaving the printer as it is, 35 Celsius is temperature in day time here.

    Q1: What should I do? How to reset the carts ?
    A. Buy another Resetter?
    B. Buy PiezoFlush® Cleaning Kit to clean Head?

    My sister in Atlanta is leaving for India on 28th May, who will carry the replacement accessories from IJM. Will it be too late for the Head leaving in idle, non-printing condition ?

    Please advise what to do.

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    Responce to Question

    Question A: This is the cheapest thing to try first.

    Question B: I don't think PiezoFlush will help you. Your printer's ink bay as an internal pressure problem. This is a regular problem with this printer model and is completely independent of the cartridges put into it (specifically the left bay but it happens on both bays).

    You may need to find a junk Epson 9900 that has a good printer bay and replace your with it. This is probably the best solution as your OEM Yellow cartridge that you tested is also not working.

    However, it may be worse than that. If you have printed with the head in this condition, you may burned the nozzles. I do not suggest doing anything but nozzle checks and cleaning (not printing) with the head in this condition.

    best regards,

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    Thank you for your advise.
    I was little worried about the "burning the nozzles" possibility.

    But good news is I repaired the Chip Resetter pins, by just a tiny drop of Cyano Acrilic adhesive, and reset all Carts, except Yellow. I bought an Epson Cart to replace it and printed.
    Only hitch now is, the Cyan Cart though reset with green light, Epson shows "No cartridge, install ink Cartridge" message every time a print is completed, or in the middle of preparation and I have to reinsert the Cyan.
    And more, despite cart is full, Cyan is not being printed... But all other colors are being printed.
    And if a Cyan-oriented print, it print the light Cyan which near green.

    What is the best remedy ?

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    ....to add with:
    Neither Yellow, nor Cyan carts showing and leak or damage.
    Is it the Chip damaged or the Cart?

    Attaching copies of the Nozzle check and Status Sheet(Not very clear, but hope it is enough for your expert eyes...)
    It is evident that Cyan and Orange are badly clogged and blocked. (This is after a Power-clean...)

    It is an important fact that, I donot print much of colors, but mostly positive film printing with this machine, which could be a reason for the clogging...

    What is best, please...

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    If you have done a power cleaning and nothing is coming through the cyan channel, it is most likely blown out and not clogged.

    These print heads will die very quickly (no matter what ink or cartridges used) if there is a miss-alignment of the cleaning assembly and print-head or if there is an air-lock in the damper assembly. I am afraid this is probably the case with your printer.


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    This is a classic (from the middle outwards) evidence of the nozzles being burned.


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    Also, this happens in channel pairs, your VM is also going.


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    1. Any salvage possible?

    For the coming 1 year till I sell my Screen printing industry, I need Black only for printing Film positives.
    It is a 4 year machine.

    But my problem is something else:

    On my adopting IJM inks leaving Epson, my nearby Epson Dealer and the one and only Epson Service Engineer laughed at me "Your Head is gone in no time, haha..." I bullied them telling It's an American product, cannot fail.

    But now they have every reason to ridicule me, whatsoever is the reason, especially I will have to go to them for a new Head, in one year of my using a 3rd party ink. Difficult to counter them...

    2. How can I continue printing Black ink (may be only black), using the existing head at least for 1 year ?

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    If I understand it is not a one year head failure but a four year head failure - the head is shot within 4 years of using the print head and that is very good for this generation printer.

    If you use a software like Accuprint RIP you can assign black ink to any one or more channels for making screen print film positives. It will also produce dot for you - etc . It is the industry leading software for screenprint film positives. It is a RIP that allows you to put black ink in all of the positions and turn on and off channels and assign dot to the film.

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