Having trouble resetting desktop cartridges? Feb112011

Having trouble resetting desktop cartridges?

They are easy to reset because they reset automatically. But, often our customers try to make them reset at their time of choosing rather than the correct time. That always fails and for good reason. The usual techsupport request we get is from a customer who decides to refill all their...

Humidity Feb022011


It’s mid-winter and we are in the middle of receiving a forecasted 20″ snowfall on top of our existing base. Nothing unusual really outside. But, inside it is a different matter all together. This is winter and this is the time that heat is used. Nearly all heating...

ConeColor HDR released Feb022011

ConeColor HDR released

ConeColor HDR inks are now released! The customer Beta program was a success. We have a great set of ConeColor HDR inks and a great set of 700ml refillable carts. We reformulated the Vivid Magenta, Light Black and Photo Black inks of the ConeColor K3 Vivid set to match the glossiness and dMax...

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