Great China Cartridge Excursion Nov172011

Great China Cartridge Excursion

Share   The key staff of InkjetMall (Sales Manager Wells Smith, Product Support Manager Dana Ceccarelli, and myself) were in China last month for two weeks visiting cartridge and micro-chip factories. It was an arduous two-week trip without a moment to rest. We managed to attend an...

Firefly Invisible Ink User Report #1 Nov162011

Firefly Invisible Ink User Report #1

Share Guest Blogger: Justin James Reed was born in Oregon in 1980. He has lived all over the United States, and currently makes Pennsylvania his home. He is an adjunct professor of photography at the Tyler School of Art, Pennsylvania College of Art &...

The R3000 cometh

We’ve released a new ConeColor ink system called ConeColor Pro. ConeColor Pro is our newest formulation and it improves on what is already considered to be the most trouble-free 3rd party ink on the market. The first of the new ConeColor Pro ink systems is designed for the Epson...

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