2012 Year in Review Dec172012

2012 Year in Review

It has been an amazing year for us at InkjetMall. We’ve worked harder than ever before and we’ve reached the end of a year with some pretty amazing accomplishments. I will recap them and then finish with what is in store for 2013! We consolidated our ConeColor® PRO ink line after...

EPSON releases new CIS system printers Sep212011

EPSON releases new CIS system printers

Share Epson recently released two new inkjet printers that are fed by Epson designed CISS bulk ink tanks. That should be huge news, but there has been no press on that here in the USA. The Epson designed CISS tanks are filled by the customer from Epson 70ml bottles of ink. The tubing from the...

Epson & Canon Supplies Disruption Mar312011

Epson & Canon Supplies Disruption

Opinion Japan’s March 11th magnitude 9.0 earthquake and the ensuing tsunami that wreaked havoc on its coast resulted in a tragedy of an inconceivable level. The deaths, injuries and loss of personal property has impacted the world in graphic detail. It is absolutely...

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