My Capsules

mycapsule-back-front-500These are empty refillable ink capsules we call the My Capsule. We originally designed our EasyFill® system as an ink reclaiming and reUse system for defective EPSON cartridges and for “empty” EPSON cartridges.

We first noticed how much ink is trapped in EPSON cartridges that read empty by the printer when we began recycling EPSON 3800 and 3880 80ml cartridges. We receive these by the hundreds. We need to remove the chips and empty the cartridges of any residual ink in order to recycle the plastic.

The residual ink however, turned out consistently to be about 16ml of ink which we would draw from each and every 80ml cartridge. This meant that about 20% of the ink that an end-user pays for is locked up inside “empty” EPSON cartridges. For us, this reclaiming turned into liters of expensive Ultrachrome ink. We use EPSON inks from time to time in R&D or in the print studios.

Then we found out that about 20% of the ink in “empty” EPSON 350ml and 700ml cartridges is also easy to reclaim through the ink outlet port. We wanted to think of this as free ink. But, really it is very expensive ink that is not in addition to the ml size of the EPSON cartridge. It’s not free. It turns out to be wasted ink. 100ml of ink remaining in an empty 700ml cartridge can power a desktop printer for a year. We’ve been supplying pigment inks into EPSON desktop dye printers for a decade with both ConeColor© and Piezography©. There is no reason why EPSON dye printers can not run EPSON pigment inks, also.

EPSON claims that they need a safety reserve of ink to remain in the cartridge when its empty. This safety reserve is there in case the remaining contents was miscalculated during operation. If the cartridge runs dry, the printer can be damaged. That makes sense considering the only way that EPSON can monitor the amount of ink remaining is by estimating the use by counting drops that may have been used for each printed sheet and maintenance operations. A miscalculation could ruin the print head. However, this is 20% of the ink that is paid for. It can be reclaimed.

So, we came out with the EasyFill system. The idea being that our customers could reclaim expensive EPSON Ultrachrome inks and run them in an EPSON desktop printer. They already paid for the inks – why not use them to print smaller output projects. All it requires is custom ICC profiling. And with the cost of the inks they would normally throw away – they could buy a ColorMunki to make the profiles. So look for My Capsules on our website soon.

Here is how it works!

If you fill your own My Capsules, you can change ink supply options including: